4 things a hairdryer can learn from a shaving machine

I guess you’ll be seeing more of these articles like this one here, since I run into everyday annoyances…well… almost every day.

Take the hairdryer for example…I’m still wondering why large companies like Braun or Babyliss are practically stuck with some of their products. I see at least 4 things a hairdryer can learn from a contemporary shaving machine.


  1. Make it wireless. Removing the wire would make these devices a lot easier to use. No more tangled cables or wires that seem to be 2 feet too short everytime you use them.
  2. Add some style. Modern shaving machines have added stylish cradles so they can be shown off in the bathroom instead of hidden in the bathroom drawer. Basically, be a sexier product.
  3. Give me feedback. Just like the shaving machine, there must me something useful the hairdryer can tell me. How about temperature, humidity levels and power consumption? Not only LCD screens would be a help, but also for example an audio signal when the device is overheating.
  4. Integrate with beaty products. Some modern shaving machines dispense lotions during their use. Why doesn’t the hair blower dispense similar things? I’m thinking conditioners, gel or some other type of beauty product.

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