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How TSA has toothpaste companies making a killing

October 21, 2006

American TSA (Transportation Security Agency- the guys that check your luggage) have been getting really strict the last couple of months. Passengers on airplanes can only take a limited amount of liquids on board. Basically, this is what you can bring. One person can bring a maximum of 3 ounces of liquid on board in one tube. Guess what? A tube of toothpaste is 3 ounces.

Next I’m adding this all up…


A quick calculation;

  • On any given day there are about 1.5 milion people in the air
  • At least 5% of them must be carrying fluids that are too large to carry
  • Knowing that the average price for a tube of paste is 3$.1.500.000 x 0.05
    = 75000 tubes a day
    x 3$
    = 225.000$

also think of this:

  • All these people are buying new toothpaste the day after they landed. Or they get a free mini tube at their hotel. In that case the hotel bought it for them. Right?
  • 90% of all people that took a flight have to get back eventually, so there must be at least a small amount of people that get their toothpaste taken-away again by TSA.
  • Don’t forget about the ones in the hotel, which get renewed on a daily basis.
  • And the ones that lose their luggage or forget their toothpaste back at the hotel

Let’s round it off at 250.000$ each day

On a yearly basis that means 250.000 x 365 = over 90 million $ per year!

Yes, Toothpaste makes the world go round!