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3 of the nicest racks I’ve seen

October 27, 2006

All innovative racks shown below use some sort of increased flexibility. In all 3 cases, increasing the flexibility creates distinct user benefits. Here they are…

Jointed roofrack

1) Jointed roofrack
In this case increased flexibility means increased user convenience

Rack uses sides

2) Roofrack uses sides
In this case increased flexibility means more available space to use


Integrated bike rack

3) Integrated bikerack
In this case increased flexibility means having a bikerack at one time, and not at other times

Wow! Modifying only one thing, its flexibility, already gives these racks 3 different advantages over competitor products. There are more benefits to be gained, I know for a fact that there are at least 15 distinct advantages of making products or parts of it more flexible.

How can you use that knowledge to improve your own products?

Look around you.
See what’s fixed.
How can you make it flexible?

(do it, it might seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed!)


5 Most innovative ideas I’ve seen in advertising

October 24, 2006

Billboard advertising has been around for decades. It is safe to say that they are no longer as effective as they used to be. Watching some new advertising techniques appear has made me realize that the memorable ads are the ones that really interact with life itself and are connecting to us in an emotional way.
I’ve a compiled a small list of the most striking ads of the last 6 months.


1. HUNGER AND THIRST: Magazine on a bottle
This could be how we get drinks for free in the future.
Have a coke. Have a smile.


2. SUPRISE! Peephole Pizza Guy
Nice alternative to the stacks of flyers we all have



3. PATIENCE & CURIOSITY – Conveyor belt ads
I’m sure you’ll want to see the entire belt before you leave the store


4. PLAYFULNESS – Wonderbra magazine ad
Have a feel of what a wonderbra would look like


5. CLEVERNESS – Fun shopping bags
There are tons like these.
All of them play on either (1) how they interact with the person
or (2) how the bag interacts with the print