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What’s missing in Nabaztag to make it a great product?

October 20, 2006


…maybe the title is a bit too harsh. It might be a great product, but why am I not buying it? No doubt that this Nabaztag talking bunny is one of it’s first generation of ambient devices that really hits the market and is affordable at the same time.

┬áHere’s what’s missing:

  • Open hardware model. It would be great if this baby would allow me to attach periphiral devices via USB. Maybe it could allow me to plug in my camera and automatically upload pictures to my Flickr account. Or what about webcam support? I can imagine the hardware and WIFI connection are ideal to stream video to the web. Nabaztag could be my remote watchdogbunny.
  • Different models. I’m really waiting for some new and better designs of the product to really be tempted to buy it. It is a bit too Japanese toy-like for my interior. I prefer something along the lines of the products of Ambient Devices.
  • LCD screen. There’s a whole other world besides Text-to-speech technology to let Nabaz’ interact with me. Integrating a full-color screen with some sort of open API would give the masses possibilties to make widgets like these. Other output devices could be added through USB as well.
  • A better name. Yes, the name sounds catchy and unique. But can you use it in a sentence when talking to complete strangers?? No.

Let’s see what a second generation of these kinds of products bring, then maybe I will get one.